Paraduxx Winery aerial view.

Paraduxx Winery in Napa

By Published On: May 2nd, 2023

Solely devoted to stylish Napa Valley wine blends.

Established in 1994, Napa Valley’s Paraduxx winery is dedicated exclusively to the art of the blend. Guided by Winemaker Cardiff Scott Robinson, Paraduxx takes inspiration from the world’s great blended wines while honoring the globally renowned terroir of Napa Valley.

Crafted from both Estate grapes and the finest vineyard sources throughout the region, the wines of the Paraduxx portfolio are celebrated for their depth, power and luxurious complexity. 

We interview Paraduxx Winemaker Cardiff Scott-Robinson to learn more.

What type of wine do you specialize in? 

Paraduxx Winemaker Cardiff Scott-Robinson: We take winemaking inspiration from all over the world, but our wines are rooted in the climate and vineyards of Napa Valley, where we farm multiple Estate vineyards and work with the very best growers.

Paraduxx Winery vineyard.
Rector Creek Vineyard. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

Though we are a relatively small winery, making only about 30K cases a year, we work with 13 different red grapes and several white grapes to make our acclaimed portfolio of blends, which include Napa Valley wines inspired by the Super-Tuscans, the Cabernet-Shiraz blends of Australia, and the great blends of the Rhône.

What makes your wine unique?

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: We are the only winery in the Napa Valley dedicated to making blends from the Napa Valley. We do not label our wines with a varietal, which allows us more freedom in choosing the best blend each year.

Paraduxx Winery wines.
Red wines. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

Share a popular tasting experience.

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: With a beautiful courtyard and grounds, an inviting contemporary aesthetic, and pampering tableside service, the Paraduxx Vineyard House is a must-visit destination on any trip to Napa Valley wine country.

Marrying gracious hospitality with a sense of sophisticated modern elegance, a trip to Paraduxx is as memorable and unique as the winery’s innovative blends.

Guests tasting wine on the patio at Paraduxx Winery.
Tasting wine on the patio. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

At Paraduxx, we offer a number of tasting experiences, from our Paraduxx Tasting to our Elevated Tasting.

For those who wish to dig a little deeper into our portfolio, we also offer a fascinating Rector Creek Estate Tasting, which includes a vineyard tour, cheese and charcuterie, and a tasting featuring five of our most coveted small-production wines, including Rector Creek bottlings and our Paraduxx X2 Pinnacle Cabernet Blend.

Paraduxx Winery tasting room interior.
Tasting room. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about your winery?

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: The wines here are exciting and sophisticated. Each varietal that we use here is made with intension and has a specific blend designated for it. Being that we are blend house, I’m sure we have something for everyone.

Paraduxx Winery wine tasting presentation and wine racks.
Tasting room. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

Describe your winemaking approach.

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: Our approach to winemaking is exacting, but we also believe in the value of innovation and exploration. I get to work with the finest fruit in the world and make wines that are not limited to specific grape varieties, or varietal percentages.

We create our own benchmarks at Paraduxx. This gives us remarkable freedom to create iconic and compelling blends that embody the rich diversity of Napa Valley.

Paraduxx Winery vineyard view.
Rector Creek Overlook is the best place to taste for a view of their vines. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

What do you love about winemaking?  

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: Winemaking is dynamic. Every year is different which brings out a different expression from each varietal. Here at Paraduxx, we make many different blends each with their own story, whether it be Region, AVA, Vineyard, or Block.

Paraduxx Winery fermentation building.
Paraduxx Fermentation Building. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

How did you get started in the wine industry?

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: I attended Sonoma State University and graduated in 2005 with a Business Degree focusing on marketing. After working at CJ Pask Winery in New Zealand and Lewis Cellars in Napa Valley, I joined the Paraduxx team.

Paraduxx Winemaker Cardiff Scott-Robinson.
Paraduxx Winemaker Cardiff Scott-Robinson. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the winemaking process?

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: Be flexible and patient. There are many challenges that arise throughout the process and Mother Nature can be fickle.

Paraduxx Winery tasting room entrance.
Tasting room entrance. Photo Courtesy: Paraduxx Winery.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with wine?

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: I grew up with wine on the table, and my family would take trips to the Central Coast to go wine tasting. I was enamored with the beauty of the landscape, and the culture of wine has always been super appealing to me.

Do you have any winery traditions with your team?

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: For birthdays, work anniversaries and other special celebrations, we have a BBQ and have a little potluck/communal gathering to celebrate. We are like family.

How does your team help you as a winemaker?

Cardiff Scott-Robinson: The production team here at Paraduxx is awesome! We have a good mix of experience, ranging from 2-23 years in the industry. It is a small team of 7 people, including myself, and we are close knit.

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