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Taste of Sonoma Event tent with guests wine tasting.

Taste of Sonoma June 22, 2024

By Published On: July 20th, 2022

Guests enjoy the rare opportunity to sip wine with vintners and winemakers.

Taste of Sonoma is a celebration of all things Sonoma County!

Save the date for June 22, 2024! This annual event is an amazing opportunity to experience the delicious wine and food right where it is produced, in the heart of our world-class wine region. We interview Michael Haney, Executive Director of Sonoma County Vintners to learn more.

What can guests look forward to every year at Taste of Sonoma?  

Michael Haney: With access to over 60 varietals from 19 unique growing areas, Sonoma County’s remarkable winemakers showcase wines for all palates.

The Grand Tasting features well-known Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon producers alongside boutique wineries who share their small-production wines made from these and many other grapes that thrive in Sonoma County.

Guests tasting wine and enjoying the Taste of Sonoma Event.
Taste of Sonoma event. Photo Courtesy Bob McClenahan

How did Taste of Sonoma Begin?

Michael Haney: Taste of Sonoma was created as an opportunity to showcase Sonoma County’s most renowned vintners and offers wine and culinary enthusiasts unparalleled access to the bounty of the region.

Culinary offerings at Taste of Sonoma event.
Culinary offerings at Taste of Sonoma event. Photo Courtesy: Alexander Rubin.

Starting in 2008, Taste of Sonoma was part of a series of weekend events that took place together under the umbrella of Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. Starting in 2017, Taste of Sonoma and the Sonoma County Wine Auction were designed as separate events produced exclusively by Sonoma County Vintners. 

Guests chat with winery team during Taste of Sonoma Event.
Guests chat with winery team. Photo Courtesy Bob McClenahan.

Do guests learn about new wineries when attending?

Michael Haney: Guests love finding favorite new wineries and wine varieties, conveniently pouring side-by-side in AVA-specific areas. This also allows guests to discover the many winegrowing regions of Sonoma County and familiarize themselves with the regions where the wines they enjoy most are produced.

Taste of Sonoma tent.
Taste of Sonoma tent. Photo Courtesy Alexander Rubin.
Rodney Strong Team Pours wine at Taste of Sonoma event
Rodney Strong Team Pours at Taste of Sonoma. Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Boden.

Tell us about the VIP offerings at Taste of Sonoma.

Michael Haney: VIP ticketholders enjoy access to all this event has to offer one hour earlier than the general public as well as exclusive access to VIP Club Reserve.

The winemakers and owners of Sonoma County’s iconic wineries are in VIP Club Reserve throughout the day to answer questions as guests sample their limited production, reserve, and award-winning wines. VIP guests enjoy speaking directly to the winemakers and learning about different winemaking journeys. 

Tell us about the wine talks offered at Taste of Sonoma.

Michael Haney: The wine talks in this event have always been interesting to guests who enjoy a personalized, deeper dive into specialized areas of winemaking, wine tasting, wine and food pairing, and wine education. It’s a rare chance to learn about Sonoma County wine directly from industry leaders and experts.

Sparkling Wine Wine Talk during Taste of Sonoma Event.
Sparkling Wine Wine Talk. Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Boden.

What would you like more people to know about Taste of Sonoma?

Michael Haney: Come for the wine, stay for the food & fun! The delicious Sonoma County wines pair perfectly with dishes from the area’s  imaginative culinary minds.

Tasty bites offered at Taste of Sonoma event
Tasty bites offered at Taste of Sonoma event. Photo Courtesy: Alexander Rubin

Relax with a beer or cider from some of the region’s most interesting breweries before dancing or playing games in one of the themed lounges. This is one event that truly caters to all tastes.

 Guests enjoying and relaxing at Taste of Sonoma event.
Guests enjoying Taste of Sonoma event. Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Boden

We love bringing people to Sonoma County and sharing our amazing wines, food and hospitality.

Together with our amazing and supportive sponsor partners, we’ve created an immersive wine and food event that people look forward to attending every year.

Mark your calendars for Taste of Sonoma June 22, 2024 at Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens.

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