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Entrance to Feast it Forward wine tasting room.

Feast it Forward in Napa

By Published On: April 14th, 2022

Incredible range of local wines and so much more showcased at Feast it Forward

I love visiting wine country in Napa, but even I will admit to getting that kid-in-a-candy-store feeling of overawed joy on occasion. There are so many fantastic places to choose from, it’s almost … too much.

While even blindly throwing a dart at the map in Napa will inevitably land me somewhere delicious, sometimes, it’s nice to go to one place, and have a curated version of wine country presented to me. 

Which is where Feast it Forward comes in. Launched by Katie Hamilton Shaffer as a digital platform for wine, in 2018, it also opened its doors as an experiential showroom offering wine, food and music in Napa under one roof. 

Feast it forward wine tasting room interior.
Feast it Forward.

The wine tasting room offers an big range of local wines which showcase the diversity of the Valley’s terroir, with a few selections from Sonoma, the Sierra Foothills, the Willamette Valley and more. You can have a glass of Layne Family Napa Cabernet, and then move on to a B. Wise Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

“We opened The Studio in downtown Napa after two years of construction,” Shaffer says, explaining that Feast It Forward’s studio and wine tasting space is much more than “just” a place to try wine. “It’s a sandbox for brands to engage visitors with a shop-the-look virtual hub and a multi-winery tasting collective offering glasses, bottle sales and flights throughout our expansive property.”

Shaffer’s not kidding when she says Feast’s space is “expansive.” 

The two-story beautiful building is right downtown across from the Oxbow Public Market, and visitors are immediately greeted by a sprawling, interactive film studio, a vinyl station, and furniture and musical instruments for sale.

Head upstairs, and guests find an incredible culinary scene that serves as the backdrop for Feast It Forward productions, with amenities that allow chef stars like Rick Moonen and Jacques Pepin to teach classes and create gastronomic magic tricks for shows like Riffs and Recipes. There’s are also spaces to hang and chill in and outdoors, with views of the Napa River from the deck. 

Feast it Forward Outdoor Area where guests can enjoy wine tasting.
Feast it Forward Outdoor Area

Outside in “The Yard,” food trucks and mini rock shows reign supreme. As much as I love the multi-course Feast, for me, the star will always be the wine. 

What drives Shaffer to create such a diverse and delicious experience?

“I am a bit of a nomad when it comes to living out my passions and trying new things, so I just go for it,” she says. “All of my experiences boil down to a journey seeking what grabbed me most. I saw this as an opportunity to give back and make a difference, while bringing together everything that inspired me alongside the singular career paths I could have pursued. Feast it Forward is the culmination of my joy for living my best life and making a difference while doing so.”

Feast it Forward yard with seating area and concert stage.
Feast it Forward Yard

Which brings us to giving back. It should be noted that all sales from ticket fees and 5% of all sales support the charity of choice of the visiting talent, and the Feast It Forward Foundation, respectively. The Foundation benefits a variety of causes that include women, children, animals and health-focused nonprofits. Each quarter, a new organization is selected. 

Feast it Forward sign outside.
Feast if Forward Sign.

When you visit, here are some of the wineries you’ll be able to sample in one spot:

  • Acre Wines
  • Layne Family Wines
  • B. Wise Vineyards
  • Jaffe Estate Wines
  • Andretti Winery
  • The Mill Keeper (Gamble Family Vineyards)
  • Olivia Brion Wines
  • Napa de Oro
  • Olette Wines
  • PureCru Wines 
  • Oberon Wines
  • Hersly Wines
  • Trois Noix Wines

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